Friday, September 25, 2009


1. I did it. I joined the large networking party known as Facebook. I guess I felt like I had been missing out on certain functions(?) due to the lack of internet invitation emails that I wasn't receiving. Good enough reason? Probably not, but I will hopefully become so hip and so well informed of the cool parties around town that you won't be able to catch up with me. LET'S HOPE!

2. I haven't been enrolled in an institution for over 4 years until now. That's right, I'm now a full-time student. I've been able to focus on this instead of certain personal garbage along with some 'professional' issues that I needed to steer away from. I'm feeling refreshed. Industrial Sewing is the one class that I enrolled in last minute thinking that it would be good for me to go through and learn certain techniques that I have throughout the years just taught myself, which has always been anything but proper. I took a similar class while out in California but had a difficult time excelling due to me being naive and thinking that I already knew how to construct clothing. This gave me a big old fat D. Not a good mindset for the environment. Times have changed and I'm ready to get shit done the right way, though I still don't believe in measuring.

3. SHINDERS. The friendly artist and newly wedded Matt Bakkom has procured the vacant space that was once the home of Shinders downtown at 7th & Hennepin. He is curating a show that will be open throughout the month of October with an opening on the 9th involving a hand full of his friends. I'll be debuting my new art. I'm calling it 'Term Outfits' which could be viewed as completely non functional to those people who may lack imagination. Sucks to be them/you. So come on down and see some art in a space that will make you quite happy to be living in this wonderful city.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

it was/n't all half bad


2nd half I got to see my lovelies and more.