Wednesday, December 24, 2008

brain drain

My life has been fuzzy for the past few months. It may be all of the snow or the lists that I have made and then tried to forget. I do write them and do try to a get at least most things done, it's just the simple, enjoyable and less time consuming ones that I have problems with. Taxes are a cinch. Bills are a breeze. Things like sitting down at my sewing machine to finish a project or calling people to say a few words have been the trouble. I would much rather sit in the tub and read comics than do anything at all.
A few days ago I picked Loren up from his younger sisters ballerina performance in St. Paul and have had the pleasure of hanging with him before he takes off on his cold road trip. We had a few real conversations about pastries and catering. Pectin and alcohol are the key. Maybe I have said too much? Ask about our brunches.
Today Kiki and I had a full fun day of shopping. First Diggers, then Unique. Sooo much good junk and things for friends. I like picking up treasures hoping that someday I find someone who will love or need it all. I bought an nice hunters cap that didn't fit and later found out that Loren tried to find a similar one online a few weeks ago. He wore out his black baseball cap with the letter P on it, so I thought it would only be appropriate to pass that on. Totally fitting, right?

Things are moving along otherwise, they have just been slowed by the extreme cold, large amounts of snow and crazy days.
Papers to come in all different forms.