Monday, August 11, 2008


Last weekend Longlegs and I hopped on a bus to Chicago to see my good friend Emily get married. We found out while we were breaking at a truck stop in Wisconsin that "Lolla" would be going on during our stay. We missed our chance to see Lindsay Lohan and her new brew, but managed to see plenty of Dew guzzling dudes. Anyways, the reason that we were in town was because of this wedding that was totally incredible. Both the ceremony and reception was held at the Frank Lloyd Wright church in Oak Park. The invite list was small, Emily's dress was hand-made and classy, her new husband Chris sang throughout the reception with a jazz band backing him and their cake was inspired by Chicago's old architecture. I cried throughout the whole thing. I couldn't stop. Here are a few important photos from the trip.

We stayed with Caitlin's friend Lisa whom I finally got to meet after years of build up. It was a treat to hang out with her for the few days that we had free. Her boyfriend Scott makes wooden frames by hand. So beautiful. Also homemade rolls and B&G. Also beautiful.

Tis' there bird cage that they had build in their living room. Great people.