Thursday, April 24, 2008


Would you care to chat a bit about serious performance art? The folks in black were not ninjas, more like bandits. Our rad friends pulled through and we all huddled backstage with Black Label, Summer's pot brownies and each other. I really don't know how the fashion party was, but ours was sweet.

Oh my!
Two shows in June. First, at Art of This and second at Needles & Pens.

T-shirts <---- fashions and a new book to come.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'll see you again in July

Could this be the only skyway in SF? I honestly have no idea, but I'm saying yes.

The stoop sasquatch.

Crystal made it up from Florida with a bunch of rad girls and a dog.

Haircuts. Lea has a knack for collecting and filing. She has this intense filing system for all of her magazine and photo clippings. She wanted to keep her hair in this jar for what I assume will be turned into something rad.


Us at the "Full Lunar Eclipse Dinner" that Leif Hedendal put together. It involved four courses of some intense, well thought out wonderful food. Afterwards, a few great girls performed. Along with Yes Please and Kimya Dawson, Palms played. I hadn't heard of Palms before the dinner, turns out it's the woman that sings in The Finches. The House of Wives summer jams from 2007. She had one of her Finches mates up on stage to play the Daniel song (one of my favorites).

Yes Please. She's the cutest girl ever. Ever. Ever.

Kimya Dawson now sings cute songs for kids.

Monica was a part of the Monster Drawing Rally this year. After her slot was over, her and I went up to the Ladies Lounge and made this drawing for a friend of hers.

The drawing/collage Monica and I collaborated on for her and Swoon's show at The Luggage Store Gallery.


after closeup.

More of their show


Seriously though, JULY.