Sunday, April 26, 2009


You are so beautiful. You and your stitching.
Your happy 'yes' thoughts just kill me. Things happen together as people come together under very casual circumstances. Things happen during the spring, and that has that excuse. Spring time brings the life. It shares the love from one to another and celebrates the past onto the present. Also under somewhat abnormal circumstances things can still bloom and form and live. Alison and I met a man tonight at the W hotel bar on the 28th floor of the Foshay Tower. It's a space that I have wanted to see with another, but tonight we ended up there with ladies in dresses and me in my norm. 'Fancy old man' was the last person that we 'should' have been talking with while celebrating a brides night out with her closest. We were out of our element from the beginning. He was a sweet old man with sweet things to say, so I guess this is where I begin. Most things in life seem to get long and old and life drags us in so many ways. The only thing that really seems to matter is the idea of what is/was is that I/we have that to have happen or to slay. Life is moving and will always be moving. I'm 26 in a month and a half. Life is good and great. 
Keep on with your stitching because it's keeping me alive.