Saturday, February 16, 2008

Best of Times

Look at how fucking cute they are.

A close up of the hot wolf girl collage that Monica and I are working on together. It's coming along and I'm soooo excited about it. I'll update once we are finished. I can't wait.

Friendship tattoos.

This is what the end of my work day looks like.

Ali hung out all day long last week and got an idea of the work that is involved with my job. We drew on our fingernails, listened to music and talked about boys.

Getting super soapy in the inflated castle that was outside in the rain at Jamie's housewarming party. I want to live in her house.

Friday night was David Berezin, Donna Chung, Michael Guidetti, and Stewart Uoo's collaborative show at the Playspace Gallery.

Fog room.

I'm super into Stewart's look these days. He's got a great woven string rat tail with a jewel attached to it, and drinks sake from his trunk.

He hand stitched the patterns onto these shoes that he found in Berlin. So great.