Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Rock Paper Scissors to get a short overview of what opening the shop consists of. This nice woman Emily showed us around and answered the questions we had. This is going to be a wonderful place to hang out in and volunteer. They have industrial sewing machines and a bunch of material. SUPER STOKED. So many things that I can learn from. Business 101. Awesome.

Later on in the day we hung out with Ali's dog Sabaa in the backyard. So much trash that we decided to make an alter/which tree out of it all. We found some amazing shit. Allot of action figures, pennies and utensils. Right when we thought we were done I found a cat skeleton on the way out. Everything we found was essentially just run off from the hills.

Orion met up with us at the flee market in the morning and ended up hanging all day. It's nice to see this boy's face again.

Monica has an amazing studio/fort that is filled and so organized.